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Site News: Company Pages For All Developers Now Live - Oct. 28th, 2008

Company pages with a full list of company specific games, company description, and links back to the company home page. Another great incentive to work with Young Forest Games!


Company News: Directory of Games with Meaning Now Online - Sept 13th, 2008

An online and ever growing directory of Games with Meaning is now available at Young Forest Games. This directory is the start of the centralized location for all games with meaning and value. If you know of a game with a message, value, or purpose, please contact us right away and we'll add it to the directory.


Company News: Young Forest Games Announces Online Games are Now Available - August 29th, 2008

Online Games with Meaning are now free and playable on Young Forest Games. Get all of your daily gaming goodness absolutely free as you surf the net!


New Adventure Games: Adventures in Odyssey Trilogy - Focus on the Family's Three Top Games Now Available! - August 18th, 2008

Adventures in Odyssey, the hit series created by Focus on the Family, is now available as a video game, not once, but THREE times. All three Adventure in Odyssey games are now available at Young Forest Games: Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of Spirit, Adventures in Odyssey and the Treasure of the Incas, and Adventures in Odyssey and the Great Escape, are jam packed with live voice acting, beautiful animation, spine tingling mysteries, and core Christian values. Now is the time to catch up on all your favorite characters from the series, for the incredibly low price of only $14.97. Buy a copy today while the offer still stands!


New Adventure Game: Heaven Quest - Can you make your way BACK to the Garden of Eden? - August 18th, 2008

Looking for a Christian game your whole family can play together? In Heaven Quest, you've been cast out of the Garden of Eden, and your journey back begins right now! Choose a character, roll the virtual dice, and move your character across the board. If you're able to answer the Bible trivia correctly you'll move forward faster, and traverse the fully rendered 3D scenes illustrating key moments of the Bible. Witness key moments from the Bible, such as the birth fo Christ. The first player to reach Jesus' empty tomb is lifted up and flown into past the gates of Eden!


New Adventure Game: GodSpeed 3D - A wild roller coaster race to Bible literacy! - August 18th, 2008

Set off on a super fast journey to God, but be careful, because when you come to an intersection if you don't choose the lane where you hear the Truth you'll run off the end of the road! Overcome road hazards like deception, confusion, and greed using faith, hope, and love. No reading or typing required: it uses speech to ask you True / False questions from the King James Bible. The more questions you get right, the faster you go!


New Adventure Game: Interactive Parables - Explore 20 levels and ALL of Jesus' Parables! - August 18th, 2008

Adventure through an interactive world as you complete quests and discover the parables in a whole new light. The Interactive Parables is a fun, 3-D game combining lessons from the Parables of Jesus. There are twenty four lessons from Jesus' Parables grouped together by theme and fully covers every Parable told by Jesus Christ. A great Bible-based product for your family, church or home school as it promotes understanding and retention while providing positive experiences for students. Students 10 and older will enjoy it. Younger students will enjoy it as well as they play with their parents!


New Music Game: Heavenly Harmony Karaoke: Expansion Pack 2: Christian Rock - Rock out with the divine spirit and the Heavenly Harmony Christian Rock expansion pack! - August 17th, 2008

Now you and your friends can rock the house down with some of the greatest Christian rock songs ever written as performed by your favorite Christian artists! Add this collection of 30 rock songs to your Heavenly Harmony Karaoke and enjoy hours of family entertainment! From the energizing modern rock sound of Kutless to the pop rock music of Steven Curtis Chapman, this collection will bring you hours of rockin' family-friendly entertainment! Sing along with your favorite bands as you try and earn a silver, gold or platinum record! Match your vocal pitch to the correct notes placed on an actual music score to gain points. Can you make it "on tour"? Grab the mic and start singing!


New Music Game: Heavenly Harmony Karaoke: Expansion Pack 1: Christmas Classics - Sing like an angel with celebrated Christian classics! - August 17th, 2008

Add this collection of classic Christmas songs to your Heavenly Harmony Karaoke and Vocal Performance Game and enjoy hours of family entertainment! The expansion includes 20 cherised Christmas classics to add to your game: "Deck the Halls," "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night," "O Holy Night," "Joy to the World," and MORE! Gather your friends and family and pass the mic to see who belongs in the shower, in the choir or on tour! Can you sing your way to a platinum record? Match your vocal pitch to the scrolling lyrics placed on an actual music score to rack up the points! Instantly see how often you are sharp, flat and right on key! Get in the Christmas spirit with Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics expansion pack!


New Music Game: Heavenly Harmony Karaoke - Learn to sing like an angel and discover your hidden talents! - August 17th, 2008

Want to sing somewhere other than the shower ... And not be laughted at? Now's your chance to have the voice of an angel as you sing to the most famous Christian music: "Amazing Grace," "Everytime I fall," "Friend of God," "Shout to the Lord," "Your Name," "The Rest of My Life" and MORE! Plug in the included hand held microphone and your singing career is ready to take off. It's not just Karaoke. This revolutionary game provides instant feedback as you sing so you can adjust your pitch and words as you play. This provides effective training for the voice and is well suited to growing talents. Its widely accessible music selections can enjoyed by everyone, and expansion packs are available to add even more music. So what are you waiting for? Grab the mic and start singing!


New Card Game: Scripture Solitaire - Relax, play cards, and study the Bible! - August 16th, 2008

Would you like to Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, reflect upon the words of the texts, memorize verses and turn solitaire into an engaging experience with scripture? And Scripture Solitaire does more than simply merge the Bible with a card game. It can entertain and uplift while serving as a powerful aid to help learn and memorize scriptures. You'll also discover that Scripture Solitaire's unique gameplay is conducive to meditating deeply on the verse you are playing. Try it free and experience this exciting game and powerful Bible aid with the trial verse, John 3:16.


New Action Adventure Game: Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker: Battle Against the Lies - Save the People of Pacifico! - August 16th, 2008

It is up to you, Axys, a seeker of Truth and a young man who wears the 'Armor of God', to battle against the lies and deception that have strangled the peaceful village of Pacifico. Strange creatures have arisen, and the hearts of men have become clouded with confusion. Only the light of Truth can break them free. Embark on your adventure and explore over 80 worlds as you level up, solve challenging puzzles, unlock hidden secrets, and get immersed in the incredible story.


New Action Adventure Game: Timothy and Titus: Saints, Martyrs, Heroes - Retrieve Paul's letters! - August 15th, 2008

The letters from the apostle Paul have been stolen, and it up to his most trusted and beloved friends Timothy and Titus to retrieve them. As Timothy and Titus seek to recover the stolen letters their adventures lead them across the ancient lands of Crete, Ephesus, Antioch, and Rome. While hounded by dangers at every turn, the pair still manage to pread the Christian message to those they encounter along the way. Revolving around three key concepts: Faith, Hope, and Love, Timothy and Titus employ their divine powers to save those they come across and to bring back the letters of Paul. A true epic!


New FPS Game: Eternal War: Shadows of Eternal Light - Cleanse the Demons from John's mind! - August 15th, 2008

Can you bring salvation to a single man? Play as the angel Michael to enter the pysche of John, a man who had given up all hope, and now faces the demons within. A first person shooter like no other, Eternal War uses tried and true FPS gameplay in a non-traditional way. The Christian theme runs throughout and offers a unique gameplay experience as you smite the demons with your holy powers. You can even team up with a friend and fight back the hordes of demons together!


New Action Adventure Game: Light Rangers - Mending the Maniac Madness Now Available - Save Angeltown! - August 15th, 2008

Join Angel, Amos, and A.J. in the action packed adventures of the Light Rangers, seemingly average kids who are transformed into super heroes by the power of God's Word. With the help of their mild mannered Sunday school teacher, and their advanced gadgets hidden inside their secret base underneath the Church, the Light Rangers have to save Angeltown from the twisted schemes of Maniac Brainiac and his band of evil minions. Hours of action packed, arcade style fun for the whole family.


New Match 3 Game: Walls of Jericho Now Available - Crumble those walls! - August 15th, 2008

The Match 3 with a Christian theme, Walls of Jericho, is now available at Young Forest Games. Use your divine powers to crumble the walls of Jericho as your followers gaze in amazement. Unlesh the power of the ARK to explode the wall and go beyond.


New FPS Game: Catechuman Now Available - Fight Through Ancient Rome! - August 15th, 2008

The classic title Catechuman is now available at Young Forest Games. Play as the Catechuman, the messenger of light that plunges himself into the underbelly of ancient Rome, on a mission to save his Christian brethren that have been imprisoned by Satan himself.


New Music Game: Dance Praise Now Available - Start Dancing! - August 9th, 2008

The hit title Dance Praise is now available at Young Forest Games. Dance Praise is developed by Digital Praise, a Christian based game development studio, and Dance Praise is their number one title. It has been heralded by numerous church groups as an incredible way to unite families and promote health and fitness.


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