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Divine Performing Arts

Game Description:

Manage the McDonalds empire and feed our fast food nation. From cow, to beef, to burger, to box, to cash; take part in the transformative and deceptive practice of mass market food production. Do whatever it takes to turn a profit or go bankrupt! Are you loving it?

It's not easy to make money in a big corporation. Do you have the business savvy to make sure that McDonalds continues to thrive?

Switch between Agriculture, Feedlot, Fast Food Chain, and McDonald's headquarters as you manage the lucrative world of "good food served quickly."



  • Use your mouse to switch between different areas as you make choices that could make or break your business.
  • For further instruction please read the in-game tutorial.
  • If you go too far in debt, then Ronald gets upset.


Game Information:

Genre: Meaningful

Type: Online

Developer: Molleindustria

Platform: Windows-Icon Apple-Icon Flash


System Requirements

Shockwave Flash