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Attention Hog

Divine Performing Arts

Game Description:

Do you love attention? Now is your chance to show everyone how much love they should give you! Be the attention hog your MySpace and Facebook pages say you are!

Control your cute little piggy in the social community to drive adoration and attention your way. But watch out for the bacon, that stuff will ruin your day. See if you can get the most attention!

The game's creator, Chris Basmajian, said "The game’s subject reflects some of the social and psychological trends present in social-networking communities, including self-promotion, social anxiety, obsessive need for peer validation, and distraction as entertainment."

Once you're done playing, feel free to Grab the game's code and post it on all of your social media pages to get more attention in the real world.



  • Control the hog with the mouse, and point where you want it to go.
  • Bump into people and rub against them for attention.
  • Turn all of their hearts gold and proceed to the next level.
  • Use the number keys and power ups to your advantage.
  • If you run out of love, game over!


Game Information:

Genre: Meaningful

Type: Online

Developer: Chris Basmajian

Platform: Windows-Icon Apple-Icon Flash


System Requirements

Shockwave Flash