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Timothy and Titus

Timothy and Titus Cover

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Video of Timothy and Titus:

Game Description:

Help Timothy and Titus retrieve Paul's letters that have been stolen by the Romans, and "Become the hero God chose you to be!"

The letters from the apostle Paul have been stolen, and it is up to his most trusted and beloved friends Timothy and Titus to retrieve them. As Timothy and Titus seek to recover the stolen letters their adventure leads them across the ancient lands of Crete, Ephesus, Antioch, and Rome. While hounded by dangers at every turn, the pair still manage to spread the Christian message to those they encounter along the way. Revolving around three key concepts: Faith, Hope, and Love, Timothy and Titus employ their divine powers to save those they come across and to bring back the letters of Paul. A true epic!

Ideal for players of all ages.


Screen Shots:

Timothy and Titus Screen Shot 1 Timothy and Titus Screen Shot 2 Timothy and Titus Screen Shot 3

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Game Art:

Timothy and Titus - Timothy Timothy and Titus - Timothy Timothy and Titus - Prayer

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Epic gameplay, graphics, and adventure.
  • Over 9 ancient lands with a wide range of environments.
  • Switch between 2 different characters with unique and complementary abilities.
  • Fend off wild animals, fiesty soldiers, tricksters, and even angry Pharisees as you make progress against 23 antagonists in total.
  • Use 7 saintly powers, including Miracle, Prayer, and Armor of God, to quell your attackers in non-violent ways.
  • Contains core Christian virtues and actions.
  • A powerful message and fun gameplay for kids, teens, and adults alike.


Game Information:

Genre: Action Adventure

Type: Christian

Developer: White Knight Games

Platform: Windows-Icon


System Requirements


  • Windows XP/2000/Vista
  • 1.5 Ghz Pentium III
  • 130 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 256 MB Ram