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Scripture Solitaire

Game Description:

Successfully combines Solitaire with a Word game that teaches the Bible!

Would you like to Increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bible, reflect upon the words of the texts, memorize verses and turn solitaire into an engaging experience with scripture? And Scripture Solitaire does more than simply merge the Bible with a card game. It can entertain and uplift while serving as a powerful aid to help learn and memorize scriptures. You'll also discover that Scripture Solitaire's unique gameplay is conducive to meditating deeply on the verse you are playing. Try it free and experience this exciting game and powerful Bible aid with the trial verse, John 3:16.

  • A suitable game for all ages.

Screen Shots:

Scripture Solitaire Screen Shot 1 Scripture Solitaire Screen Shot 2 Scripture Solitaire Screen Shot 3

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Advantages and Benefits:

  • 7 unique Solitaire games to choose from, including Klondike, Freecell, His Yoke is Easy, Noah's Ark, New Jerusalem, God's Favor, and Checkerboard.
  • 6 beautiful themes to decorate your background.
  • 100's of Bible verses revealed as you play, including those from Life of Christ, Christ's Last Days, Love, Bible Favorites, Salvation, and Proverbs for Living.
  • You can also turn off the verses and play with normal cards.
  • Enables you to memorize the biblical teachings through repetition in a fun way.


Game Information:

Genre: Card

Type: Christian

Developer: Inspired Idea

Platform: Windows-Icon Apple Icon


System Requirements


  • Windows XP/95/98/ME
  • 100 Mhz Pentium
  • 15 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 16 MB Graphics


  • Mac OS X 10.1
  • 100 Mhz
  • 15 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 16 MB Graphics



"I'd just as soon use a fun tool like Scripture Solitaire to do my study as anything else I've come across yet!" - Unknown Source

"By the way... the John 3:16 solitaire is so amazing... I already knew the verse but by doing the solitaire... it is burning it into my heart... this is a wonderful tool for Scripture memorization" -Unknown Source