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Light Rangers: Mending the Maniac Madness

Video of Light Rangers: Mending the Maniac Madness:

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Game Description:

Unite your heavenly powers and save your city!

Join Angel, Amos, and A.J. in the action packed adventures of the Light Rangers, seemingly average kids who are transformed into super heroes by the power of God's Word. With the help of their mild mannered Sunday school teacher, and their advanced gadgets hidden inside their secret base underneath the Church, the Light Rangers have to save Angeltown from the twisted schemes of Maniac Brainiac and his band of evil minions. Hours of action packed, arcade style fun for the whole family.

  • Encourages Biblical values of obedience, selflesness, humility and wisdom.

Screen Shots:

Light Rangers Screen Shot 1Light Rangers Screen Shot 2 Light Rangers Screen Shot 3

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Advantages and Benefits:

  • Five challenging, Arcade style levels
  • Features anime-style animation from former Cartoon Network® artist Kevin MacKenzie, who worked on titles such as Power Puff Girls®, Samurai Jack® and the Teen Titans®.
  • Fun extras, hours of gameplay, hidden secrets, power ups, and bonuses.
  • Unique trivia style Bible based learning for kids and a question module for parents to add their own questions to the game.
  • Great looking graphics and solid gameplay.
  • Parental "egg timer" allows parents to control how long the game is played.
  • The perfect game for children with an interest in cartoons or action oriented gaemplay.


Game Information:

Genre: Adventure / Side Scrolling

Type: Christian

Developer: Bethesda Entertainment / Digital Praise

Platform: Windows-Icon Apple Mac Game


System Requirements


  • Windows XP/2000/98SE
  • 533 Mhz Pentium III
  • 350 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 128 MB Ram


  • Power Macintosh G3
  • OSX 10.5
  • 350 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 128 MB Ram


  • "Light Rangers does a great job of teaching Biblical values in a fun and creative way. Therefore, Light Rangers gets a 100 (A+) for being fun, creative and teaching Biblical values." - Al Menconi Ministries