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GodSpeed 3D

GodSpeed 3D Cover

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Game Description:

A wild roller coaster race to Bible literacy!

Set off on a super fast journey to God, but be careful, because when you come to an intersection if you don't choose the lane where you hear the Truth you'll run off the end of the road! Overcome road hazards like deception, confusion, and greed using faith, hope, and love. No reading or typing required: it uses speech to ask you True / False questions from the King James Bible. The more questions you get right, the faster you go!

  • Ideal for players of all ages.


Screen Shots:

GodSpeed 3D Screen Shot 1Interactive Parables Screen Shot 2 Interactive Parables Screen Shot 3

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Advantages and Benefits:

  • Fully 3D graphics.
  • Contains core Christian virtues and ideals.
  • Teaches Bible Literacy
    • Four Gospel Books
    • John 3:16
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • Ten Commandments
    • The Beatitudes
    • Twelve Apostles
    • Twelve Tribes Of Israel
    • In the Bible Or Not
    • New Testament Books
    • Old Testament Books
    • Ten Commandments In Order
    • Creation Week


Game Information:

Genre: Adventure

Type: Christian

Developer: Inspired Idea

Platform: Windows-Icon


System Requirements


  • Windows XP/98/2000
  • 300 Mhz Pentium III
  • 15 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 256 MB Ram