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Adventures in Odyssey: Sword of the Spirit

Adventures in Odyssey Sword of Spirit Cover

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Game Description:

A mystical sword that heightens the spiritual power of those who claim it? Go, make it yours!

The first in the series of video games made famous by Focus on the Family's long running Adventure in Odyssey series, this adventure introduces a powerful new artifact, the Sword of the Spirit, which brings out the true nature of whoever possesses it. Play the role of Whit, Connie, and Eugene and help them overcome mental, physical, and moral challenges as they race against the selfish art dealer Gustav, who covets the legendary Sword for himself. Discover the value of Christian virtues like kindness, peace, self-control, love, and more as you overcome dangers, discover clues and important facts, and work together to solve a mystery. Sword of the Spirit features the voice talent of Will Ryan, Katie Leigh, and Paul Herlinger and the writing of John Fornoff - all from the popular Adventures in Odyssey radio series. In Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of The Spirit, you'll take your child on an exciting adventure as they work to solve a spine tingling mystery. Adventures in Odyssey comes from the radio to your home computer in this action-packed game, featuring hours of high-speed play. Plus, check out the exciting bonus features. It's all waiting for you as you join the adventure to find the Sword of the Spirit!

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Game Information:

Genre: Adventure

Type: Christian

Developer: Digital Praise

Platform: Windows-IconApple-Icon


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"Overall, I found this game to be most enjoyable. By the time I finished playing it, I felt as though I'd even learned a thing or two about myself -- and I'd actually had fun doing it. You just can't beat a combination like that." - Just Adventure